Our Work

Community Empowerment

To counter the vicious cycle of unemployment, BFS Ziro conducts regular vocational training on various subjects to unemployed youths and local farmers.

Art And Culture

To instill a pride and knowledge of one’s own tradition, the members of BFS, Ziro built a local Apatani house using traditional design and materials.

Health And Hygiene

BFS Ziro was entrusted with the task of conducting Sensitization Workshop on National Rural Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance Programme.

About Us


Bright Future Society (BFS), Ziro is an autonomous, non-governmental and nonpolitical voluntary organization founded under Societies Registration Act. XXI to establish, promote various charitable and welfare programs. BFS, Ziro is working towards preservation of cultural and mythological heritage of Apatani tribe. We focus on rural development and social welfare in urban-slum and backward rural areas, specially upliftment in socio-economic conditions of neglected and weaker section of the community. Placing strong emphasis on poor women and children who suffer the brunt of economic, social and cultural deprivation.



“To strive for growth without sacrificing one’s tradition; progress without losing one’s culture; and development without giving up one’s identity.”



1) To promote, preserve, protect, patronize and to disseminate the literary and cultural heritage, folk songs, dance and similar other composition of the indigenous people.

2) To make special efforts to encourage folk and tribal arts and to frame special programs for the preservation and strengthening of the art forms that are languishing towards extinction.

3) To preserve culture and traditions of tribal society for its posterity.

4) To ameliorate the condition of youth and indigenous men by engaging them in constructive works and imbibe reverence for all life nature and creation of the furtherance of traditional value through conference, literature, theatre activities, mass campaign.

5) To create an indigenous development support organization to reach the poor in rural areas.

6) To promote, support and develop SHGs/CBOs.

7) To impart vocational trainings for self-sustenance and self-reliance.

8) To conduct camps and seminars for better living, especially on health, hygiene and sanitation.

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